Emergency Marquee Hire

If you’re looking for a solution that will allow your company to reopen, or function more safely as lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, choosing an emergency marquee hire for your premises will be a cost-effective way for you to create more space for employees and visitors.

Whether you are a restaurant hoping to expand your seating area, a healthcare facility looking for a way to provide your services in a safe way, or an office hoping to improve you recreational areas – whatever you are hoping to achieve, one of our marquee hires can be used to solve a multitude of problems.

At Bucks Marquees, we are able to aid a range of sectors when it comes to dealing with the ongoing pandemic. With social distancing measure beginning to lift, there is still a long way to go before we resume normal life as we know it. An emergency marquee hire means you can swiftly adapt in way to adhere to guidelines, as and when they begin to change.

If you want to hire a marquee in Milton Keynes or surrounding areas, get in touch with the team today, and let us know of your requirements. We can also travel further afield should you need us.

Emergency Marquees for Healthcare Sector

Our emergency marquees can be extremely beneficial for the healthcare sector particularly during the pandemic. Whether you are looking for a marquee hire that can be placed on a hard surface or on grass, our marquees are incredibly versatile, and can be kitted out with whatever lighting, furniture or heating you may need.

Emergency marquees can be used for:

  • Coronavirus testing stations
  • Drive through coronavirus testing stations
  • Isolation areas
  • Waiting areas
  • Reception/admin areas
  • Additional space
  • Sanitising areas
  • Staff training/briefing areas
  • Temporary storage
  • Catering and dining

Supermarkets, Warehouse and School Emergency Marquee Hire

Supermarkets have been with us since the start of lockdown, but with more people being able to leave the house now, a way to increase their capacity without permanent construction work is with a hired emergency marquee.

Warehouses, schools and other premises will also need to adapt for a higher capacity. A marquee hire can act as essential sanitising areas, or as additional sheltered seating areas – they are highly versatile.

Other roles emergency marquees can fulfil:

  • Secure storage areas for extra stock with partitions
  • Socially distanced canteen areas
  • Loading-bay coverage
  • Additional click and collect stations
  • Storage space for outgoing customer deliveries
  • Staff training/briefing areas
  • Sanitising areas
  • Grab and go canteens
  • Classroom area extensions

Short-term Marquee Hire for Hospitality

With the hospitality industry beginning to open up again, an emergency marquee is a short-term solution for expanding seating areas, allowing diners and drinkers to enjoy themselves comfortably and at a safe distance from other guests.

We also provide a full range of marquee equipment and accessories, allowing your temporary extended seating solution to be as comfortable for your visitors as possible.

How an emergency marquee hire can help cafés, restaurants and bars:

  • Expand your seating area
  • Stock and delivery storage
  • Sheltered queue area
  • Waiting area

Hire Your Emergency Marquee for Social Distancing Today

If your business premises will benefit from the addition of an emergency marquee, the team at Bucks Marquees can help. We are based in Milton Keynes, but will travel further afield should we be required to do so.

Get in touch to let us know of your needs, and we will be more that happy to efficiently organise your marquee hire, with all of the associated equipment and accessories you may need.

Please contact info@bucksmarquees.co.uk or call 07366 565415.