Party Tent vs Marquee

What is the difference between a Party Tent and a Marquee?

Here at Bucks Marquees we often get asked this. Other than the price, here is a list of the main differences:

Party Tent

  • Light frame
  • Lower roof
  • Cheaper
  • Can decorate with light decorations
  • Mostly used for garden parties and corporate events
  • Quicker to install and takedown


  • Heavy steel frame
  • Higher apex roof
  • Can hang heavier items such as chandeliers
  • Higher wind resistance
  • Thicker material
  • Modular so can extend to any length
  • Can decorate with lining
  • Mostly used for special occasions, weddings, and corporate events
  • Require longer and more staff to install and takedown

Party Tents and Marquees are both fully weatherproof, have a range of options in terms of side panels and equally look great at any event.

We hope our shortlist helps you understand the main differences.

Bucks Marquees provides Marquees and Party tents in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.