“Greg help, I don’t know how to measure my garden for a marquee. How do I know what size we can fit?”

Don’t worry, here is a quick and simple way to measure your garden so we can recommend a suitable size.

Firstly, we work in metres as our kit comes in width dimensions of 3m, 4m, 6m and 9m. Think of it a bit like lego pieces. They are modular, for example, party tents grow by 2m and marquees increase by 3m.

We need room to work around the outside of the marquee, so the measurement must not be tight to fences. Look for the clearest areas of your garden, we cannot chop down branches or trees, so think about a clear space when you are measuring. Grab a tape measure and firstly measure the width, then the length. Remember, if you are having to stand or walk over a flower broader, this will be in your marquee.

Another quick way to measure is to count the fence panels. Fence panels are usually 2m wide, so count how many across, and how many down the garden. Then in both cases, let us know the width and length in metres. For example if you have a 4m x 10m, we would be able to fit a 3m x 9m marquee.

We love garden photos via whatsapp and email (not just to be nosey at your lovely garden), but it gives us an idea of the viable space. We can also use Google Earth to measure your garden.

If you have any questions please get in contact at info@bucksmarquees.co.ukHow do I measure my garden for a marquee?