Music for the soul!

Whatever the event, most parties will need music to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

But do you opt for a live band, DJ or a pre-recorded playlist? It is worth considering who your audience will be. Is your guest list full of older and younger family members or is it based around your peers and friends of a similar age? Will Great Aunt May be wanting to throw some shapes on the floor or will she appreciate the entertainment of a live band more? Although you can not and should not choose your format purely based on the preferences of other people, to ensure enough people join you on the dance floor and everyone has a great time, this is definitely worth a thought or two.

Here are some pros and cons of your options.


A good DJ will be able to mix between genres of music and read the crowd to keep the party in full swing until it’s time to go home. They usually have a vast array of music so you can request your personal favorites or just give them a preferred style. Generally, they are a cheaper option than a live band and take up considerably less space. Many DJs come with some form of party lighting. A DJ is a popular choice for purpose-built function spaces as well as your own party marquee.

A bad DJ lacking in charisma and flexibility, however, will bring your party crashing down. If you can see them in action before you book this is recommended.


Live music! Is there anything better at a party? Even if your audience is not the type to shake a leg on the dance floor, everyone can appreciate the performance element of having live musicians perform. Having a band can really add to the atmosphere and can bring the party to life. A great idea for a party tent venue.

Usually the more expensive option with the cost of band members and travel to factor in, they also need more space with increased setup time. Bands tend to be booked for ‘sets’ of pre-agreed performance time, meaning in their breaks you will still need to arrange music. Potentially the band will be more limited in music choices as there is a good chance that they will not know every song that you request.


Definitely the most cost-effective solution to and most space-saving. You have sole control over what music is played and when. Regardless of where you are having your party, all you need is power and phone, laptop or other devices from which to play.

One of the troubles with your own playlist is as simple as it seems, there still needs to be someone designated to be in charge of the music. What happens if your drunken pal decides to take over midway through the party and fast forward to her favourite tunes. Getting a party started, keeping it going and winding it down is a talent and with a playlist, you won’t be able to read the audience to see what songs are working or mix seamlessly into another track when the dancefloor suddenly empties. Have you considered the potential awkward silences between songs unless you download a mixer app?

At Bucks Marquees in Milton Keynes, we work with a number of recommended local suppliers and experts who specialise in not only bringing your party to life but keeping it going all night or day long!