Money Saving Tips and Marquees!

Marquees aren’t just for Weddings.

So, you have decided on the event and the date, but you are looking to make a few savings along the way where possible. You have adventurously decided that an outdoor party with a party tent would create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. Not to mention that it has always been a dream of yours to host an event; whether a wedding, birthday or charity gala in a deliriously decadent marquee. You want all the trimmings of a traditional celebration but done your own way. Hiring a party tent can deliver all of this and much more. With the unpredictability of the British weather, it is always a sensible idea to consider all potential eventualities when it comes to our seasons! No-one wants to be stuck outside in a sudden downpour or swept off in a gale to rival a twister. When organising a party or event outdoors, nothing can be more beneficial than hiring a marquee to make sure disaster doesn’t strike.

Considering the varying factors of size, capacity, quality, design, and location, a party tent can cost from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. All you need to do now is learn about how to get the best value while organising an event in a party marquee. Here are a few money-saving tips to help lower your Marquee hire expenses easily!

Organise the party during the quieter months! Try to choose a date during the low seasons or off-peak. If you choose a date which coincides with public holidays, you may have less availability of marquees leading to increased prices. It is also worth remembering that other party supplies and suppliers are always cheaper during the weekdays rather than weekends.

Book in advance where possible! Find out if Bucks Marquees Hire offer discounts for advance booking. By booking your marquee hire in Buckinghamshire early, you are likely to have the freedom of choice over your preferred tent and affiliate party suppliers.

Use your space wisely! There is no need to hire an additional tent if you should have an unexpected influx of guest numbers close to the party date. Utilise your available space wisely by fitting in either extra furniture or maybe clear the furniture for more dancing space!

Research local suppliers! Bucks Marquees have a list of recommended affiliate suppliers from music to caterers, furniture and décor all waiting to help you get the best value you can.

If you really are looking to save some pennies then hiring a party tent can potentially save you a significant amount of money in organising and hosting your event. You are in control and are free to shop around for all your party needs and get the best possible prices once you have hired your party marquee. Party tents come in varying shapes and sizes so there really is so much choice dependant on your budget. Leave it up to the team at Bucks Marquees to bring your party to life!