Our next recommended supplier is Paul Basil, who owns and runs Bassil Beats. He is an amazing DJ who never fails to get the crowd on the dance floor at any event.

Here is what he said when we spoke to him:

  1. What is your favourite memory of an event?

There have been loads and every event has a great memory attached to it but the one the sticks out the most had to be the wedding I did about 4 years ago which had three professional garage MCs in the crowd who asked to perform alongside me DJing. This was amazing fun and the crowd went mental.

2. What is one of your crowd-pleaser songs?

Certainly not the only one but a song which always goes down well towards the end of the evening would be Mr Brightside by the Killers also I wanna dance with somebody -Whitney Houston, great for early on in the night to get the dancing going.

3. Do you have a top tip for someone organising a DJ?

Have a think about all the nights you’ve had out with your friends and family or those special holidays or hen/stag dos. Playing some of the music from those nights out will help you and your friends relive some priceless memories whilst helping to create many more

4. What do you love the most about being a DJ?

Cheesy but it’s true ……… being a small part of someone’s special day/party helping to create memories of a lifetime.

Contact him at https://www.facebook.com/Bassilsbeats and