As we begin to ease COVID restrictions, you might be planning an upcoming corporate event, something of which hasn’t been able to take place for over a year.

There are still a number of COVID-secure measures that will need to be in place for the event to go ahead, but one way you can include more guests in your corporate get together is for it to take place outside.

A marquee hire is a great way to host an outdoor event without needing to fully rely on the often unreliable British weather holding up!

At Bucks Marquees, we have a full variety of marquees available to hire across Milton Keynes, of various shapes and sizes. We have listed just some of the benefits of choosing to hire a marquee for your upcoming corporate event.

Provides Shelter Outside

A marquee at an outdoor event is often crucial for providing at least some area of shelter if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse.

Depending on the reason for your corporate event, you might require a sheltered area to complete group tasks, or perhaps simply for a refreshments zone.

Whatever way you choose to purpose the marquee, it shows your guests that you have thought about their needs and put a lot of effort into the event itself.


Catering Purposes

If you are serving food and drink at your corporate event, you will need to think about where the food will be prepared, cooked and served.

A great solution for this is having a designated catering tent. As well as great shelter, you can have an area for food prep and perhaps a cooking area if required.

You’ll be able to have a separate dining marquee as well, depending on the size and scale of your event which can be kitted out with furniture which can also be hired alongside your marquee.


Designated ‘Stations’

Various smaller marquees are great for creating various stations throughout your event, much like stalls at a fair.

Perhaps as part of your corporate event, teams will complete certain activities at each station. Perhaps you are holding a job fair and want each business to have its own station.

Whatever you have planned for your event, hiring a marquee will take your layout plan to the next level.


Cheaper than Hiring a Venue

If you’re working to a budget and don’t necessarily need an indoor venue, why not save some money and hire a marquee!

You’ll then have the affordance to hold your event anywhere you want – it could even be in your office car park!


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